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An Awesome Reminder

This is an incredible stop-motion video created by some teens from my church, Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ (McBIC). Hope that it serves as a good reminder of where our true worth and identity should come from.

Advice on Parenting: Let Your Kids Fail

Thought I’d come back from a somewhat extended paternity leave (more on that at some point) with a post about good and bad parenting. Over at the Huffington Post’s parenthood portal, Mickey Goodman asks if we are raising a generation of kids who are essentially helpless. As a professor here at Messiah College (and even […]

How to Get a College Education

John Fea is up to his old habits: providing thought provoking posts that state things I’ve been thinking about in clearer, more concise language than I could. I’ve long been frustrated with students who seem to want to skate through Messiah College with the minimum their money can buy. They don’t want me to challenge […]

On Women and Education

A classmate from my undergrad days, and elementary teacher in the Portland, OR area posted links to articles at the Huffington Post and ABC.com about two separate shirts that send a horrible message to girls. I’ve included one at the right, and another below. The fact that JCPenney and Forever21 could somehow produce these and […]

Train Up a Child

Interesting post from my friend Cindy King (who might shun me for mentioning her by name, but I’m taking the chance) about teaching our children. She starts by mentioning something that is on her heart: The church is not supposed to be the primary source in this area; it can’t be. My children spend one […]

Technology: Good or Bad for Teaching?

Thanks to AP Stat teacher, personal friend, and fellow Messiah College alum Doug Tyson for pointing out this article. The article points out the clear lack of convincing statistical data to prove that the mad rush to have the latest technology is actually paying off in improved student performance. Here is a taste: To be […]

Another Case of Bad Studies Getting More Press

After yesterday’s post about bad science, I came across this article about another scientist that is being singled out for nothing more (apparently) than pointing out that the better studies show the weakest link between soda and childhood obesity. I would think this would be good news, but apparently not. And ABC seems to be […]

So Many Books …

Thanks to Rob Martin again for this link. I might need to start reading Scot McKnight more regularly! Scot weighs in today with his books of the year. He comes out with the list early this year “so folks can use this list for Christmas presents.” I find many of the titles attractive! Too bad […]

On the Nature of Youth Groups

A tip of the hat to Rob Martin for posting the link to this article by David Fitch. Fitch is critical of what he considers the typical youth group. He has three main points, which I will summarize here. I’ll also comment on how I feel our youth group at McBIC addresses his concerns. 1.) […]

Missing Church

I missed church yesterday. Due to some scheduling choices in our family this fall, I am on stay-home duty if the kids are sick on Sunday morning. For the last two years, I have been involved with teaching senior high youth Sunday School. This fall, our youth schedule has changed. I think the changes are […]