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Can We Please Admit the TSA Is a Failure?

Yet another scathing review of the TSA’s methodology and general ineffectiveness. Originally pointed to this article by Adam Savage (of MythBusters fame) via Twitter. This post is from a former FBI agent and someone familiar with the air travel industry. Here is a piece of his critique: TILTING AT WINDMILLS The entire TSA paradigm is flawed. […]

Josh Wood on the TSA

My friend, and blog fodder provider, Josh Wood has started a website for his purported presidential campaign. He has two recent posts about the TSA, and his high priority on disbanding the TSA and privatizing security. Here are his takes: Abolish the TSA I reiterate my pledge that mty very first action as president will […]

TSA Humor

While I’m on a humorous images meme today, here is a tongue-in-cheek look at the TSA. Side note: I miss watching the old Road Runner cartoons. My kids like them, but there are so many options now that we rarely watch them at home. Then again, that might be a good thing.

The TSA Undermines Faith Again

Two stories I’ve read about the TSA lately, thanks to Josh Wood. First, the fact that this guy made it on a plane with a knife is disturbing (from the Salt Lake Tribune): A 60-year-old Salt Lake City man is accused of threatening to slit the throat of a seatmate aboard a flight from Utah […]