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On Fracking, the Science is Clear

Unfortunately, while the science on natural gas fracking is clear, the public debate does not reflect this fact. Why? Here is a take from an op-ed piece in the NY Post by Jon Entine: The academic face of the anti-fracking movement — Cornell marine ecologist Robert Howarth — increasingly looks like he’s willing to turn science […]

An OPEN Alternative to SOPA/PIPA?

Interesting post from PCWorld about an alternative to the tabled (though not defeated) SOPA and PIPA legislation. SOPA and PIPA may have been put on hold — thanks to possibly the most contentious uproar seen on Capitol Hill and in the tech world ever — but other legislation was introduced this week to combat online piracy. Rep. […]

The Ugly Truth Behind SOPA/PIPA

A more detailed look at how we got to this point with SOPA and PIPA and what the content industry wants.

On Read-Write Culture vs. Read-Only Culture

With the prevalence today of the SOPA/PIPA protests, an interesting take on copyright law and how it might need to change lest it stifle legitimate creativity!

How to Save Some Energy

If only this blog was about napping, or some other personal energy saving technique. Alas, it is not. This is about a way to save some energy on your computer. A Virginia Tech computer scientist is now marketing a power management software called Granola that is free for personal use, and available for a fee […]

Will the Next Generation Know how Magazines “Work”?

According to this video, there is a chance they won’t.

The Future Is Here: Levitation

This video is just cool. In addition, I have a feeling that technology like this could someday (soon?) revolutionize our world. There are obvious implications for travel and energy if this can be done in large scale without the need for liquid nitrogen (right now it takes very low temperature superconductors to accomplish the levitation. […]

College Students and Technology

An interesting article from researchers at the University of Washington. A nice summary of the article is found here. The full article can be found here. Here are the basics: A new University of Washington study found college students – only weeks away from final exams and in the library – tend to pare use […]

The Future of Energy?

An interesting technology that may someday soon begin to revolutionize the energy discussion. (HT: Cody Wanner)

Cool Use of Technology

Thanks to my colleague David Owen for posting a link to this on his Twitter account.  You can go here to check out more details.