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Writing Without Reading

Thanks to friend, librarian, and fellow Messiah College 1996 alum, Aaron Bert for pointing out this interesting article by Buzz Poole about the art of writing. Interestingly, the article discusses the (odd) notion of writers/authors who don’t want to read. Here is the introduction: At the New Yorker Book Bench Macy Halford recently posed an […]

On Women and Education

A classmate from my undergrad days, and elementary teacher in the Portland, OR area posted links to articles at the Huffington Post and ABC.com about two separate shirts that send a horrible message to girls. I’ve included one at the right, and another below. The fact that JCPenney and Forever21 could somehow produce these and […]

E-Textbooks: the Future?

Thanks to colleague Gene Rohrbaugh, Computer and Information Sciences professor here at Messiah College, for pointing me toward this interesting post from The Chronicle about an e-text program at Indiana University. I have some thoughts and concerns. Here are the basics of the program: A game-changing e-textbook project at Indiana University—in which the university requires […]

Pop Quiz

Ok, this one should be easy. What is wrong with the following quote from a blurb in yesterday’s USA Today? The Class of 2011 logged the lowest SAT reading scores ever, while the combined reading and math scores hit their lowest point in 16 years, the College Board said today. Just over 40% of the […]

Is SpongeBob Corrupting Your Kids?

Well, not just SpongeBob, but fast-paced kids programming in general. A study out of the University of Virginia suggests that short exposure (9 minutes) to fast-paced programs (the study used SpongeBob as their example) had a significant effect on cognitive tests immediately after. Most studies I have heard of compared long-term effects of watching such […]

Messiah College Students Shine

This article on PennLive.com about the flooding and recovery in Derry Township (Hershey area) has an interesting note for those of us who care about Messiah College: Stapleton said he doesn’t have flood insurance. No one in the neighborhood thought they needed it. His homeowners insurance representative said it would be two to three weeks […]

Connecting 9/11 and Labor Day

Thanks to my friend John Fea, historian at Messiah College, for a thoughtful post that attempts to do what few have done: connect 9/11 to the Labor Day weekend just past. Fea articulates that the heroism that we saw was less related to patriotism than it was to the sense of calling and vocation among […]

Repost: 11 Sept. Reflections

Last year I posted some of my remembrances and thoughts on the anniversary of 9/11. Thought I would repost those here. I start with some general thoughts, then add on some thoughts related to how my faith colors my reflections on the tragedy. —————- I was just starting my first semester on campus as faculty. […]

Technology: Good or Bad for Teaching?

Thanks to AP Stat teacher, personal friend, and fellow Messiah College alum Doug Tyson for pointing out this article. The article points out the clear lack of convincing statistical data to prove that the mad rush to have the latest technology is actually paying off in improved student performance. Here is a taste: To be […]

Math Comic of the Day

Here is my favorite mathematics related comic for today. Okay, the comic is from yesterday, but I just noticed it today. Some of my calculus students could use this product …