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Happy Adoption Day Kids!

Today, we celebrate the second anniversary of the adoption of our two youngest (for now) kids. It has been amazing to watch them grow, through all of the frustrations, joys, trials, etc. We love them beyond measure, and couldn’t possibly image life without them. We consider ourselves to  be so very blessed, and thank God […]

Thoughts on Conflict and the Church

Just finished reading this very thought provoking post by David Fitch (HT: Rob Martin) about conflict and the Church. One of the main thoughts is about how the reconciliation that happens when Christ breaks in and causes conflict (exposing of sin, wrestling with new issues). Christ can really break in and change us more into […]

On the Nature of Youth Groups

A tip of the hat to Rob Martin for posting the link to this article by David Fitch. Fitch is critical of what he considers the typical youth group. He has three main points, which I will summarize here. I’ll also comment on how I feel our youth group at McBIC addresses his concerns. 1.) […]

Majoring in the Minors

My friend Josh Wood shared this article on facebook (ironic, I know), and it was just another reminder to me about how tempting it can be for those of us in the Church to be as bad as the Pharisees at setting up rules and hoops to jump through. My wife does not have my […]

A Book I Want!

Yeah, those who know me well know that I have as many books that look good to me and I want to read as Layne Lebo has favorite Bible verses. Still, this review at Jesus Creed makes me really want this book by Michael Pahl. The point of interest for me is the juxtaposition of […]

A Pastor Who Doesn’t Read?

Thanks again to John Fea for pointing me to an interesting article. In this article Karen Spears Zacharias discusses a run-in with a book store manager who doesn’t read. As odd as that sounds, his explanation is that he’s also a pastor. What?! Karen talks about how odd she finds this, and offers this perspective: […]

The Trade-off

Today begins the other part of the tradeoff that Joy and I have made this year. The first part I talked about in this blog post from Monday. The second part is the midweek version of the trade-off. Joy was interested in getting involved with a Bible study at church this fall, but the one that […]

Missing Church

I missed church yesterday. Due to some scheduling choices in our family this fall, I am on stay-home duty if the kids are sick on Sunday morning. For the last two years, I have been involved with teaching senior high youth Sunday School. This fall, our youth schedule has changed. I think the changes are […]