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Matthew 7.13-29

Matthew 7.13-29 There are two roads. One is wide, easy, and relatively popular. The other is narrow, difficult, and at times seems lonely. Jesus tells us we can tell who is on which road by their fruit. At first, this seems like a straightforward test to apply, but then Jesus surprises us. The Messiah tells […]

Matthew 7.7-12

Matthew 7.7-12 Remember the setting here … Jesus is talking not just to the twelve disciples, but to a large crowd gathered to hear Him. We cannot easily dismiss this as only for those who have been saved. However we read this passage, we cannot say our application is only for the one who follows […]

Matthew 7.1-6

Matthew 7.1-6 It is unfortunate, but when most non-Christians think of the Church, and of us as Christians, they probably think of judgmentalism. We don’t do a great job of seeing our own logs, while we claim to be experts at spotting specks of dust in the eyes of others. I would prefer that God […]