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Calvinist Pick-up Lines

For my Calvinist friends, I hope you have enough of a sense of humor to enjoy this. (HT: John Fea)

Steve Jobs: Bad Advice

Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary, has joined the list of folks reflecting on Steve Jobs’ passing. Mouw particularly considers the advice given at Standford’s 2005 graduation ceremony, which he juxtaposes with comments by a commencement address from David Brooks. (HT: John Fea) Here is a taste: I don’t know anything much about his […]

Steve Jobs: Prophet?

An interesting perspective on Steve Jobs from Andy Crouch via a piece in the Wall Street Journal. (HT: John Fea) Here is his introduction, followed by some interesting pieces. For every magical thing Steve Jobs revealed in his Apple keynote addresses, there were many other things he concealed. Like the devices he created, his life […]

Hearing for the First Time: Part 2

Thanks to my friend with two cochlear implants that I referenced yesterday for pointing me to another video of the first time hearing. This time, it is for an 8 month old baby. This one is particularly heart warming. Remember to count your blessings today!

Hearing for the First Time

Thanks to John Fea for pointing me here to see the amazing video below of a young woman hearing sound for the first time. Her emotional reaction is a reminder of what a blessing it is to be able to hear, and a reminder not to take the privilege for granted. I have a good […]

Can We Learn from Those we Dislike?

From John Fea’s interesting Patheos column this week comes another interesting topic. I already blogged about his primary point in the piece, that studying history could help your marriage. The student transformation example that he uses is insightful. He relates the story of a student who was tasked with the challenging job of reading and […]

To Save Your Marriage, Study History?

Thanks to John Fea for an interesting Patheos column this week. His basic premise is that learning to study the past correctly can actually improve relationships, even your marriage. Here’s his lead in: I am working on a new book about the importance of historical thinking to the creation of a civil society, and I […]

Learning from History

From a recent article on The Onion‘s website: WASHINGTON—With the United States facing a daunting array of problems at home and abroad, leading historians courteously reminded the nation Thursday that when making tough choices, it never hurts to stop a moment, take a look at similar situations from the past, and then think about whether […]

Amazon Exposed?

Just read an interesting (though long) piece from the Allentown, PA Morning Call. (HT: John Fea) The piece investigates the working conditions at the Amazon distribution center near Allentown. Working conditions are apparently harsh, particularly over the summer. If all of the claims made by former employees and temps are true, Amazon management must have […]

How to Get a College Education

John Fea is up to his old habits: providing thought provoking posts that state things I’ve been thinking about in clearer, more concise language than I could. I’ve long been frustrated with students who seem to want to skate through Messiah College with the minimum their money can buy. They don’t want me to challenge […]