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The Irony

Thanks to John Chase (via Google+) for this laugh.  I also love the lady(?) in the background image of the package who is using her teeth to open a package that appears to contain a CFL bulb. They contain mercury. Even if she were to be successful in opening that package, I’m not sure the […]

The iPhone Placebo Effect

Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel (of all people) for pointing out our silly obsession with the new. While this may be funny to those of us who don’t have every iDevice (pretty sure that isn’t really a word and I made it up) ever made, this probably isn’t too different from how we react to numerous […]

How Was Your Summer?

I feel like I owe my reader(s) a summer update, since I did accomplish some things this summer. However, there was a lot I had hoped to accomplish that just never got done. Oh well, the semester has started, and it is time to move on. Still, I am thankful my summer was not reflected […]


This is especially for Paul Buckley, Heather Martin, and any of my other pun loving friends. Background, Frazz is the janitor at an elementary school. If you haven’t read it before, click the picture and click back through. I think it is worth the read. 🙂

What It Is Like to Live with Me?

You’d have to ask my wife, but a colleague shared this with me. (HT: Gene Chase)

How to Bomb the AP Stats Test

To those of us who grade AP Stats, this is hilarious. If you are not one of those, you might learn something about how not to do statistics.

Math Humor from Frazz

If you don’t read Frazz daily, I really think that you are missing out. Here is a particularly good one from a few days ago:

At Least He Had a Sense of Humor …

An image I had to share from grading Calculus II exams this morning. (The student did not do well.)

Writers at The Onion Must Be Jealous!

I bet that they wish that they could have come up with this one, but this is apparently entirely legitimate. The headline alone is worth the post, but I’ll include part of the article just to back it up (there are more specifics in the full piece, found here). (HT: Jesse Thouin) CCTV police officer […]

Groundhog Day Explained

A nice humorous introduction to the day. (HT: John Fea)