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Additional Thoughts on 9/11

Some final links to 9/11 reflections that I want to point out to you, but don’t have much to say about: The New York Times offers this piece about the Shanksville, PA Flight 93 Memorial and 9/11 remembrances. A reflection on forgiveness and 9/11, with a connection to a recent death row case in Texas […]

No Clergy at the Memorial

Interesting piece at Spiritual Politics about the decision from Mayor Bloomberg to exclude clergy of any sect from the memorial ceremony. (HT: John Fea) Here is a taste of the historical reasoning that may have been the precedent for Bloomberg’s decision. Let’s hark back, in other words, to the way New Englanders used to remember […]

Learning from Unintended Consequences

Interesting TED video about the unintended consequences of innovation, and innovations as unintended consequences of other events. The speaker is a little dry and monotone, but the ideas he presents are worth the listen for about 15 minutes, and his graphics are kind of neat (I think).

A Fuller Picture of MLK Jr.

Thanks again to John Fea for a thought provoking post. He points us to a piece from Michael Kazin, who calls on conservatives to stop co-opting some of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s teachings and activism, while ignoring other parts. Here is the beginning of his writing (which borders on rant at some […]

Update: John Fea on Jeremiads

Dr. John Fea, Chair of the Department of History at Messiah College, in his weekly Patheos column, expands on his recent post on Pat Roberston and the long history of Jeremiads in the United States. I previously linked to his blog post in this post on Robertson and those of his ilk, and followed up […]

Some People Need to Be Quiet

Thanks to Dr. John Fea, chair of the Department of History at Messiah College, for pointing out something that was pretty much inevitable. Ever since the earthquake hit this past week, I was sure that some loud-mouthed, self-appointed Christian “leader” would surely blame the earthquake on the wrath of God about something or someone. Leave […]

Stanley Hauerwas on the Death of America’s God

No, Hauerwas is not saying that God is dying. He is saying that America’s god is dying, small g. Here is a snippet of the interesting, and somewhat optimistic, article about what the current state of the American civil religion might mean for the true Church and the worship of the one true God. Here’s […]

A Quick Advertisement for a Friend

Those who read this blog much are well aware of my love for Dr. John Fea and his blog (The Way of Improvement Leads Home). His most recent post offers a 50% discount for those pre-ordering his book online through this site. (Regular price: $30, so you get it for $15 plus $3.50 shipping) I […]

Was the American Revolution a Just War?

Thanks again to my colleague Dr. John Fea  for a thought provoking article (his weekly post at Patheos) about the American Revolution. John reminds us that the terminology “Just War” was not one the founders, or even pastors of the era, thought about. John points out some differences between the arguments of the era, and […]

John Fea on American Exceptionalism

Over at his blog, Dr. John Fea writes about American Exceptionalism. The post is sparked by an article in the Washington Post on the idea, but I appreciated John’s perspective as an expert on early American history. Check it out!