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Sanctity of Life Part 1

This is Part 1 of a two part (see Part 2 here) post tied to the Sanctity of Human Life week. For some, this was marked by the March for Life in Washington, DC yesterday. This post is inspired by this thoughtful story from Michelle Pirraglia, a “survivor” of abortion, on Patheos (HT: Rob Martin). […]

Recent Thoughts on the Church and Foster/Adoption

Someone we met last summer through mutual friends shared a link to this article on PennLive.com today (the website affiliated with the Harrisburg Patriot-News). The article features her and her husband as an example of what Bethany Christian Services is looking for in their new “Safe Families” initiative. Essentially, they are looking for families who […]

Rebelling Against the American Dream

Read this interesting article a couple of weeks ago (HT: John Fea’s blog). Here is a taste, followed by a few words of reaction from yours truly. We American Christians have a way of taking the Jesus of the Bible and twisting him into a version of Jesus that we are more comfortable with. A […]

Unlikely Connections

This evening we spent time with the biological family of our two adopted kids. It is so incredible to have a relationship with this family. When we contemplated how the foster/adoption process might go, we never envisioned that we would have the wonderful relationship with the kids’ extended family without their bio-mom ever getting her […]

Unintended Prayers

I read an article recently, posted to facebook by my friend (and former student) Matt Bucher. It is called “The War Prayer” and is credited to Mark Twain. (Note: I have not verified whether this attribution is accurate. The story has a quality to it that makes the attribution at least seem plausible.) The story […]

Red and Yellow, Black and White …

Those of you who grew up in “Christian” homes probably read the title and immediately started humming … or trying not to. I understand. This is not exactly my favorite song, but it seemed a good intro to this post. While this simple minded song may not be “deep” theologically, it does remind us of […]

The Hard Work of Forgiveness

Yesterday in our church we were challenged on the issue of forgiveness. This runs so against all that the world tells us. We only see forgiveness modeled when it is not really needed. We forgive those who those who didn’t mean any harm, and didn’t really inconvenience us too much. This makes us feel good […]


A look at the motivating forces behind our adoption. Why were we even interested in adoption? Why did we do it now?

Where Are They From?

I react to the usual question we get when we tell people we have adopted, or when we told them we were going to.


A brief summary of some of the process of our adoption and initial reaction to completing the process.