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Hurry Up and Wait

Over at his “Stuff Christians Like” blog, Jon Acuff ruminates on waiting on God. Here are his thoughts: I don’t know what questions you ask your wife or your husband or your boyfriend or your girlfriend. I don’t know what questions you ask professors or friends or bosses or anyone else. But I do know […]

Steve Jobs: Prophet?

An interesting perspective on Steve Jobs from Andy Crouch via a piece in the Wall Street Journal. (HT: John Fea) Here is his introduction, followed by some interesting pieces. For every magical thing Steve Jobs revealed in his Apple keynote addresses, there were many other things he concealed. Like the devices he created, his life […]

A Response to Pat Robertson

Recently Pat Robertson told his 700 Club viewers that he would not fault someone who divorced their spouse who had dementia. Most Christians shake their head at just another Pat Robertson statement. Many Christians probably worry about the perception of skeptics who might use Robertson as a reason to discredit the faith. I debated whether […]

Train Up a Child

Interesting post from my friend Cindy King (who might shun me for mentioning her by name, but I’m taking the chance) about teaching our children. She starts by mentioning something that is on her heart: The church is not supposed to be the primary source in this area; it can’t be. My children spend one […]

Extreme Home Makeover and Charity

Watching ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition this past Sunday night with Joy reminded me of this article I read a week or so ago. The article talks about the sad tale of families who have received make-overs who have been unable to keep up with the monthly bills and ended up in foreclosure. (6 according […]

Am I a Christian Atheist?

Just read an interesting article by Craig Groeschel. He claims that he used to be effectively a Christian Atheist. That is, he believed in Christ, and the power of God, but lived like an atheist. His life didn’t display his stated beliefs. He breaks down Christianity into three lines: Line 1: I believe in God […]

What Not to Say

Greg Stier has an interesting little read (HT: Rob Martin, again) about what not to say when witnessing for Christ. I found his list and his reasoning to be funny, but I have to admit I’ve probably committed all three mistakes, at least in my thought process about my own salvation. (Hopefully not too recently.) […]

I Knew Him When

Thanks to my college friend (and fellow Spirit Force member while at Messiah) Peter Greer for sharing this article about a recent discussion that Peter and Shane Claiborne had at the American Enterprise Institute. Peter is the founder and president of Hope International, a micro-finance non-profit that works directly with the poor in a number […]

A Dose of Proper Perspective …

I’ve been watching the Chilean mine rescue off and on all day (and watched the first two miners brought up last night). It occurred to me today that what I am watching is a (welcome) reminder of our common humanity. As I, and many others (if my facebook feed is any indication), have watched the […]

The Devaluation of Second

Yep, it has been too long again. Sorry about that for all those who were eagerly waiting to hear from me again. To get back into things, I have a reflection based on the recent (relatively) Phillies loss in the World Series. I’ve already discussed the odd phenomenon that we care so much about something […]