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Train Up a Child

Interesting post from my friend Cindy King (who might shun me for mentioning her by name, but I’m taking the chance) about teaching our children. She starts by mentioning something that is on her heart: The church is not supposed to be the primary source in this area; it can’t be. My children spend one […]

Matthew 13

Matthew 13 The Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew here seems to have collected several of Jesus’ descriptions of what the Kingdom of Heaven is like, and how the Kingdom grows. It is interesting to note that the tares and the wheat are allowed to grow together. In my experience, this seems to be the reality of […]

Matthew 12

Matthew 12 “and in His name the Gentiles shall hope.” (vs. 21) This is the verse I kept coming back to. This picks up a nuance that is not entirely clear in Isaiah’s original (at least in our translations. Isaiah 42.4 actually is translated as “and the coastlands will wait expectantly for His law.” in […]

Matthew 11

Matthew 11 Jesus cites Isaiah as proof of who He is. He tells John, look at my deeds, they match up with what Isaiah said the Messiah would do. I’m not pandering to the elite, or massaging egos here. I’m ministering God’s power to the least of these! Jesus then proceeds to show great esteem […]

Matthew 10

Matthew 10 Where do we get this idea that life is supposed to be easy for the follower of our Messiah? Not in this passage. There is nothing here about God blessing us with earthly wealth, possessions, or glory. Jesus says we will be treated harshly. Not might, “will”. They persecuted the Son, they will […]

Matthew 9

Matthew 9 You can almost hear the religious leaders whining … “You aren’t doing it right!” Jesus performed miracles, but He claimed to forgive sins. He hung out with the wrong crowd. Sinners instead of the religious elite? How clearly un-messianic. Yet, we see common people drawn to this man. Even a desparate synagouge leader […]

Matthew 8

Matthew 8 Reading through Matthew 8, I am once again struck by the indiscriminate way Jesus heals. If you come to Him, you get healed. Period. No questions. No forms to fill out, or HMO approval to obtain. No background check or FBI clearance. No political vetting to insure you don’t have a past, or […]