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At Least He Had a Sense of Humor …

An image I had to share from grading Calculus II exams this morning. (The student did not do well.)

Recognition for Messiah College

Once again, Messiah College is making the news for good things going on on campus. This time the men’s soccer team is being recognized as one of the most dominating men’s sports programs in the country. Admittedly, I’m not sure “hercampus.com” is the most prestigious of recognitions out there, but I’ll take good press where […]

Math Comic of the Day

Here is my favorite mathematics related comic for today. Okay, the comic is from yesterday, but I just noticed it today. Some of my calculus students could use this product …

Fixing Mathematics Education

An interesting article about Mathematics Education from the New York Times came out last week. The suggestion is that we should reevaluate our focus and concern. Here is a snippet: Today, American high schools offer a sequence of algebra, geometry, more algebra, pre-calculus and calculus (or a “reform” version in which these topics are interwoven). […]