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Writers at The Onion Must Be Jealous!

I bet that they wish that they could have come up with this one, but this is apparently entirely legitimate. The headline alone is worth the post, but I’ll include part of the article just to back it up (there are more specifics in the full piece, found here). (HT: Jesse Thouin) CCTV police officer […]

On Fracking, the Science is Clear

Unfortunately, while the science on natural gas fracking is clear, the public debate does not reflect this fact. Why? Here is a take from an op-ed piece in the NY Post by Jon Entine: The academic face of the anti-fracking movement — Cornell marine ecologist Robert Howarth — increasingly looks like he’s willing to turn science […]

Demography: Predicting the Downfall of China?

A very interesting look at where all of the earth’s billions of people are now, and where the population is heading. Projections place the occurrence of the world population of humans passing 7 billion at some point between 31 Oct 2011 (UN estimate) and March 2012 (US Census Bureau estimate). The most interesting piece of […]

For Those Against Occupy Wall Street

Here is a perspective from someone clearly opposed to the Occupy Wall Street movement (making the rounds on Facebook these days): Personally, I think that this minimizes what might be a difference of opinion on philosophy and economics, at least among some of the protestors. I’m sure many of them have just latched on to […]

Is Africa Capable of Sustaining Democracy?

This was a question that Swiss-Ghanian filmmaker Jarreth Merz asked himself as he saw the threat of chaos growing while filming the Ghanian elections. He was surprised, not only by the way chaos was avoided, but what the Ghanians taught him about themselves, the possibilities that democracy could be done better in Africa under the right […]

Thoughts from (Last Week’s) TMQ

Running a week behind again on my reading of Gregg Easterbrook’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback column on, so just getting to the entirety of last week’s TMQ. The football pieces are old news now, but here are my favorite non-NFL pieces (find the whole thing here): ———————————- On Christmas Creep: Christmas Creep: Reader Jill Andvik […]

The TSA Undermines Faith Again

Two stories I’ve read about the TSA lately, thanks to Josh Wood. First, the fact that this guy made it on a plane with a knife is disturbing (from the Salt Lake Tribune): A 60-year-old Salt Lake City man is accused of threatening to slit the throat of a seatmate aboard a flight from Utah […]

Climate Change Consensus?

From yesterday comes a story about a Nobel Prize winning physicist withdrawing from his professional organization over the politics of climate change. Dr.Ivar Giaever resigned due to the American Physical Society‘s official statement of policy on the subject. Giaever was cooled to the statement on warming theory by a line claiming that “the evidence […]

What to Do with Hackers

Misha Glenny says we should hire them! He also looks at where they come from, and cites their formation of hacking skills before their moral development was complete enough to prevent a fall into cyber-crime. He claims that many of them would be willing to work with legitimate industry, but they are lured into the […]

Evangelical Leaders and 9/11

Christianity Today asked evangelical leaders to reflect on how they have changed in the ten years since 9/11. I want to highlight the last leader in the piece, Rev. Will Willimon, who is the  bishop of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church. A friend pointed me in this direction, so it is […]