Virginia Tech

A Disembodied Head? Part 1

Today I want to begin a series on my theological journey. I will not go into great detail here on some of the history of the theological journey, but I want to give enough of the story along the way to show how I’ve come to my current place, and show the Scriptures that helped […]

Advice on Parenting: Let Your Kids Fail

Thought I’d come back from a somewhat extended paternity leave (more on that at some point) with a post about good and bad parenting. Over at the Huffington Post’s parenthood portal, Mickey Goodman asks if we are raising a generation of kids who are essentially helpless. As a professor here at Messiah College (and even […]

The Mathematics of the Game SET

SET is an extremely addictive, fast-paced card game found in toy stores nationwide. Although children often beat adults, the game has a rich mathematical structure linking it to the combinatorics of fi nite affine and projective spaces and the theory of error-correcting codes. Last year an unexpected connection to Fourier analysis was used to settle a basic question directly related to the […]

How to Save Some Energy

If only this blog was about napping, or some other personal energy saving technique. Alas, it is not. This is about a way to save some energy on your computer. A Virginia Tech computer scientist is now marketing a power management software called Granola that is free for personal use, and available for a fee […]

Virginia Tech Researchers Study Youth Football

Researchers at my graduate Alma Mater, Virginia Tech, have been studying head traumas in youth football. Here is a bit from the article: BLACKSBURG, Va., Oct. 18, 2011 – Virginia Tech released today results from the first study ever to instrument child football helmets. Youth football helmets are currently designed to the same standards as adult […]

Thoughts from (Last Week’s) TMQ

A little behind on my reading of Gregg Easterbrook’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback column on, so just getting to the entirety of last week’s TMQ. The football pieces are old news now, but here are my favorite non-NFL pieces (find the whole thing here): ———————————- On New York Times corrections: New York Times Corrections on […]

The Morality of NCAA Conference Realignment

An interesting read about the conference realignment currently going on in Division I of the NCAA. This weekend, it was announced that the ACC (home of my graduate alma mater: Virginia Tech) had accepted the application of the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University for inclusion in the conference. Pitt and Syracuse are leaving the […]

Education and Faith: Enemies?

A recent article in Inside Higher Ed says that they are not really the enemies that some assume: For years, a commonly held belief has been that more educated Americans are less likely to embrace religion. But an article forthcoming (abstract available here) in The Review of Religious Research suggests that the relationship between education […]