Oh, the Irony

A Facebook friend pointed me (not specifically, it was a general link posting) toward this wikiHow article on how to fight Facebook addiction. Hmmm. Ironic? Yes. But interesting as well. Here is the intro and their steps to recovery: Maybe your affinity for Facebook began with a simple desire to keep in touch with your […]

Teaching Part 3: Dangerous Social Networks

This post relates less directly to teaching, but I know that many of us are interested in what effect social networking may be having on our students. As kids spend more time developing friendships in the age of MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, what will they be like when we see them in class with all […]

So Connected We Can’t Connect

Interesting article by Frank Bruni in yesterday’s New York Times about an interesting side effect of our being so incredibly connected these days: we can’t get in touch with people, despite (or because of) various options. Here is a taste: The other night I did something silly. In a hurry to reach my friend K., […]

Happy Adoption Day Kids!

Today, we celebrate the second anniversary of the adoption of our two youngest (for now) kids. It has been amazing to watch them grow, through all of the frustrations, joys, trials, etc. We love them beyond measure, and couldn’t possibly image life without them. We consider ourselves to  be so very blessed, and thank God […]

A New Invasion of Privacy?

Thanks to Messiah College Information and Mathematical Sciences Department colleague Gene Rorhbaugh for pointing me to this somewhat scary post at Discovery.com. Apparently some Facebook users don’t watch their profile security very carefully (shocking, I know). A researcher at Carnegie Melon in Pittsburgh gives a glimpse of what could be to come. According to a […]

A TED Talk About Conflicts of Interest

Today’s TED talk (via their Facebook page) was a really thought provoking 5+ minute talk about conflict of interest, and the effect this has on science. As TED talks go, this is very short, but is still as thought provoking as those of us who are TED fans have come to expect. You can see […]

Is America’s Databook About to Die?

Saddened to come across this piece by Robert J. Samuelson (HT: Messiah librarian and friend Beth Transue) about the impending death of the “Statistical Abstract of the United States”. The abstract (available, and searchable, online here) makes publicly available all sorts of data from the Census Bureau. Unfortunately, it looks like the Abstract will be […]