Happy Adoption Day Kids!

Today, we celebrate the second anniversary of the adoption of our two youngest (for now) kids. It has been amazing to watch them grow, through all of the frustrations, joys, trials, etc. We love them beyond measure, and couldn’t possibly image life without them. We consider ourselves to  be so very blessed, and thank God […]

A New Invasion of Privacy?

Thanks to Messiah College Information and Mathematical Sciences Department colleague Gene Rorhbaugh for pointing me to this somewhat scary post at Discovery.com. Apparently some Facebook users don’t watch their profile security very carefully (shocking, I know). A researcher at Carnegie Melon in Pittsburgh gives a glimpse of what could be to come. According to a […]

A TED Talk About Conflicts of Interest

Today’s TED talk (via their Facebook page) was a really thought provoking 5+ minute talk about conflict of interest, and the effect this has on science. As TED talks go, this is very short, but is still as thought provoking as those of us who are TED fans have come to expect. You can see […]

Is America’s Databook About to Die?

Saddened to come across this piece by Robert J. Samuelson (HT: Messiah librarian and friend Beth Transue) about the impending death of the “Statistical Abstract of the United States”. The abstract (available, and searchable, online here) makes publicly available all sorts of data from the Census Bureau. Unfortunately, it looks like the Abstract will be […]

Back from “Summer Break”

Well, it wasn’t intentional, but apparently my blog went on vacation this summer. (Well, since February, but lets pretend it was a summer vacation.) I’ve actually had a pretty busy summer, but I’ve been in my office pretty often this summer and gotten a lot accomplished as well. Just not my blog. Sorry about that. […]

Recent Thoughts on the Church and Foster/Adoption

Someone we met last summer through mutual friends shared a link to this article on PennLive.com today (the website affiliated with the Harrisburg Patriot-News). The article features her and her husband as an example of what Bethany Christian Services is looking for in their new “Safe Families” initiative. Essentially, they are looking for families who […]

Inspiration from Egypt

I’ve been inspired by a series of articles about the state of Muslim/Christian (Coptic) relations in Egypt. For those unaware, there was a bombing of a Coptic Church in Alexandria on New Years day. The bombing occurred as worshipers were leaving New Year’s Mass, and killed more than 20 people and injured roughly 80 more. […]

The Prosperity Gospel and the Mortgage Collapse

I’ve been reading this (lengthy) article the last two days. (HT: Dom Benninger, via Facebook) The title, Did Christianity Cause the Crash?, is actually a bit of a misnomer. The author, Hanna Rosin, is actually interested only in the relationship between the “prosperity gospel” and the sub-prime mortgage collapse, or crash. She begins by introducing […]

An Amazing Guitar Performance

If you like classical music, or amazing guitar playing, or both, you have to check this out! HT: Kevin LaFlamme (on facebook)

Is American Christianity Too Easy?

HT (Hat Tip) to Rob Martin for posting another thought provoking link to facebook. Reading the first part of this blog (called In the Cubicle Next Door) reminded me of how easy I really do have it! The story of one man’s impact on the nation of India. What really got me was where this […]