Our Short Sighted Society

Yesterday’s Drabble made me think about the way that our society handles things. As funny as it is, it struck me at a deeper level. Every year when we put our lights away, it is tempting to toss them in a box and deal with them next year. We fight off this urge and wrap […]

Is There a Santa Claus?

Over at Patheos, my colleague Dr. Jenell Paris takes on the Santa myth. Jenell is an anthropologist and sociologist, and takes a look at parts of the debate that I haven’t heard before. For background, I grew up in a house that acknowledged that there was a Santa myth, but it was always (from the […]

Rushing Christmas?

Thanks to John Fea’s “Sunday Night Odds and Ends” this week for the link to this article on the rush to celebrate Christmas earlier and earlier. Of course, the author doesn’t really seem to make any arguments other than how much it annoys him to hear Christmas songs on the radio, and the assumed blame […]

Another Good Book

Thanks to the Mennonite Central Committee (East Coast) page on facebook, I was pointed to another book to add to my “wish list”. Joy and I have been trying to find ways to live simpler by not falling victim to the consumer, “must have” mentality of our culture. That seems to get especially harder around […]

Cultivating Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I have so many things to be thankful for, but that is a matter for another post, which I hope will come soon. Today, I want to think about how I can cultivate an attitude of thankfulness, and thanksgiving, in my kids. How can Joy and I help them to […]