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A Fun Piano Guys Video

This is probably my favorite video from The Piano Guys (and I’ve watched quite a few). Enjoy! (This one is for you, Heather Martin!)

Some Amazing Piano Playing

This is for my pianist friends, and those who appreciate beautiful playing. Love the constant views of his fingerwork!

The Ugly Truth Behind SOPA/PIPA

A more detailed look at how we got to this point with SOPA and PIPA and what the content industry wants.

On Read-Write Culture vs. Read-Only Culture

With the prevalence today of the SOPA/PIPA protests, an interesting take on copyright law and how it might need to change lest it stifle legitimate creativity!

I Think they Need to Work on their Marketing Budget

Maybe a Messiah College marketing grad could come up with some way to improve this video. Surely it wouldn’t take a huge budget to improve the current advertising!

Hearing for the First Time: Part 2

Thanks to my friend with two cochlear implants that I referenced yesterday for pointing me to another video of the first time hearing. This time, it is for an 8 month old baby. This one is particularly heart warming. Remember to count your blessings today!

New Meaning to Biker Band?

There are no words to describe this …