TED on Wrongful Convictions: Part II

In today’s installment of TED’s wrongful conviction series, Bryan Stevenson talks about the issue of justice. Our criminal justice system is supposed to give every accused the same protections, but does it? Stevenson points out where it does not, and how we might be able to make a difference.

TED on Wrongful Convictions: Part I

I recently came across a series of good talks about the phenomenon of wrongful convictions. There are numerous reasons for the problem, some of which will be discussed in the videos. I’ll spread them out over six days, so that my readers can give each talk the thought that it might deserve. The speakers come […]

Update from Rob Martin

Yesterday I posted about an attempt from The Simple Way to speak to the injustice they see in Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s proposed ordinance basically abolishing feeding the homeless unless you have permits and do it at approved places. My friend Rob Martin decided to participate in this gathering, and wrote about the experience over […]

Picking on the Homeless: Update

My friend Rob Martin will be heading into Philly to participate in an act of civil disobedience with The Simple Way this afternoon around 4:00. Here are some of the detail On Thursday 22nd March, The Simple Way and family will be having a little love feast/radical “food sharing” at Thomas Paine Plaza. We will break some bread […]

Picking on the Homeless

In recent weeks, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and the department of health in the city have been championing regulations that would prohibit outdoor distribution of food to the homeless. This seems like the worst of big government intervening with sweeping legislation to solve an occasional problem. I thought I would share the following thoughtful response […]

The Hidden Side of Monticello

Thanks to John Fea for the link to this video from a new project about the slaves that once called Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello “home”. Just Friday I was reading about Jefferson in Fea’s Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? The book is an essential read for those wanting a full historical treatment of that question. […]

The Danger of the Single Story

This is a great TED talk about Africa, and all of us. There is a danger in having only one story about any place or person. As the speaker  Chimamanda Adichie, says, the danger in a stereotype is not that it is wrong. Often, there is a seed of truth, but the problem is that the […]

A Fuller Picture of MLK Jr.

Thanks again to John Fea for a thought provoking post. He points us to a piece from Michael Kazin, who calls on conservatives to stop co-opting some of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s teachings and activism, while ignoring other parts. Here is the beginning of his writing (which borders on rant at some […]

Paul’s Letter to American Christians by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I just finished reading Martin Luther King’s “Paul’s Letter to American Christians” from 4 Nov. 1956. So much of what it has to say is extremely relevant to us today as much as it was to his original audience. I’ll share some bits of it here, but please consider taking the time to read the […]

The Prosperity Gospel and the Mortgage Collapse

I’ve been reading this (lengthy) article the last two days. (HT: Dom Benninger, via Facebook) The title, Did Christianity Cause the Crash?, is actually a bit of a misnomer. The author, Hanna Rosin, is actually interested only in the relationship between the “prosperity gospel” and the sub-prime mortgage collapse, or crash. She begins by introducing […]