Amazing Video of the Day

If you are a fan of modern dance at all, you have to check out this amazing display of body control! (HT: Brandon Rogers)

A Challenge from Fernando Ortega

Fernando Ortega offers a challenge to worship leaders: write and choose music that says something. He bases his critique on the fact that some pastors tend to instruct worship leaders as if the point of worship is to set the pace, rather than to relate to the theme of the message and scriptures for the […]

Switchfoot: Vice Verses (Preview)

A cool music preview from an unexpected source. Over at they are providing a free stream of Vice Verses from Switchfoot. The album drops 27 Sept., but you can listen to it now here! Here is the blurb from ESPN: Switchfoot’s new album, “Vice Verses” (iTunes | Amazon), doesn’t come out until Sept. 27, […]

A Godly Example

Good post today from Josh Wood over at (not to be confused with anti-Calvinist, I assure you). He looks at a line from a song from PRo’s newest album. The line is actually during Lacrdeceptively simple: if I get martyred, tell my kids to follow their dad This leads to Wood’s consideration of what […]

Happy Adoption Day Kids!

Today, we celebrate the second anniversary of the adoption of our two youngest (for now) kids. It has been amazing to watch them grow, through all of the frustrations, joys, trials, etc. We love them beyond measure, and couldn’t possibly image life without them. We consider ourselves to¬† be so very blessed, and thank God […]

An Amazing Guitar Performance

If you like classical music, or amazing guitar playing, or both, you have to check this out! HT: Kevin LaFlamme (on facebook)

A Quick Commercial …

Found out yesterday that it is possible to get a free copy of the CD by my former statistics student, and amazing musician, Dave Moran. Here’s my suggestion for you: Check out his music at Go to Noise Trade and download his album in MP3 form, for free! You will be asked for your […]