The Power of Music

Thanks to John Fea for pointing out this powerful video. Like John, I could do without the constant reference to a particular brand of mp3 player, since this is really about the power of music, not about any particular brand.

True Love

This is a fun display of love for your craft:

Rick Santorum’s Theme Song?

Not sure if this effects my vote (or lack thereof), but I can certainly see this becoming an internet sensation. (HT: John Fea)

A Huge Virtual Choir

This is a pretty awesome. I think it would have been pretty cool to be a part of this!

A Fun Piano Guys Video

This is probably my favorite video from The Piano Guys (and I’ve watched quite a few). Enjoy! (This one is for you, Heather Martin!)

Some Amazing Piano Playing

This is for my pianist friends, and those who appreciate beautiful playing. Love the constant views of his fingerwork!

Beautiful Mathematics Behind Ugly Music

For those of us with an interest in the correspondence between mathematics and music, this TEDx talk is a fascinating look at the deceptively difficult job of writing music with no patterns.  

The Ugly Truth Behind SOPA/PIPA

A more detailed look at how we got to this point with SOPA and PIPA and what the content industry wants.

This Is a Stunning Display of Talent

I didn’t know this could be done with a harmonica, in Carnegie Hall, no less!

New Meaning to Biker Band?

There are no words to describe this …