The Joy of a Messy Life

Great post about the messy-ness of the Christian life from my friend Cindy King last week over at The King Zoo and Funny Farm. She was contemplating life as an adoptive mother (in addition to five biological children) in light of the call of Christ to live a life of sacrifice. Here is a recent […]


Thanks to my neighbor for pointing out this thought-provoking video about discipleship. As the comments note, the implication that the launching can only happen from the US/North America is clearly incorrect. I would guess the intended audience is American or North American, thus the implication to be willing to go from here to anywhere we […]

A Godly Example

Good post today from Josh Wood over at (not to be confused with anti-Calvinist, I assure you). He looks at a line from a song from PRo’s newest album. The line is actually during Lacrdeceptively simple: if I get martyred, tell my kids to follow their dad This leads to Wood’s consideration of what […]

American Entitlement

Just finished an intriguing article at Patheos about the American sense of entitlement. (HT: Rob and Heather Martin) Here is a taste: If you think I am wrong, think back to the fleeting mea culpa of Tiger Woods last year. When asked what caused him to so egregiously and frequently commit adultery over and over […]

Rubbing It In?

As you are probably aware, today is Valentines Day. While I love my wife, and am very grateful for her, I find Valentines Day to be relatively unromantic. The expectation and pressure kills the spontaneity and uniqueness that I think is at the heart of true romance. Worse, how does it make my “single” brothers […]

Stanley Hauerwas on the Death of America’s God

No, Hauerwas is not saying that God is dying. He is saying that America’s god is dying, small g. Here is a snippet of the interesting, and somewhat optimistic, article about what the current state of the American civil religion might mean for the true Church and the worship of the one true God. Here’s […]

Some Good Reads from the Huffington Post

I’ve been sitting on a few articles from the Huffington Post that I found interesting and thought provoking. I’ve decided to share them in one post. I won’t say too much about each, but will give an idea of what you will find, and give you the link. ________________ Albert Raboteau reflects on Martin Luther […]

Extreme Home Makeover and Charity

Watching ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition this past Sunday night with Joy reminded me of this article I read a week or so ago. The article talks about the sad tale of families who have received make-overs who have been unable to keep up with the monthly bills and ended up in foreclosure. (6 according […]

Paul’s Letter to American Christians by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I just finished reading Martin Luther King’s “Paul’s Letter to American Christians” from 4 Nov. 1956. So much of what it has to say is extremely relevant to us today as much as it was to his original audience. I’ll share some bits of it here, but please consider taking the time to read the […]

Inspiration from Egypt

I’ve been inspired by a series of articles about the state of Muslim/Christian (Coptic) relations in Egypt. For those unaware, there was a bombing of a Coptic Church in Alexandria on New Years day. The bombing occurred as worshipers were leaving New Year’s Mass, and killed more than 20 people and injured roughly 80 more. […]