Human trafficking

A Powerful Challenge

A friend shared this post (HT: Rob Martin) from the Mennonite World Review that I couldn’t wait to post. (I have ideas for a new series coming next week.) Here is a snippet from the post that caught my attention: Did you know that every year 15,000 children age out of the foster care system in […]

A Good Use of 30 Minutes

Take the time to watch this video. It is 30 minutes long, and I’d suggest actually turning off your cell phone, clearing some mental space and really focusing on the content. There are two important things going on here. The first, and most important, is a call to action to tell our government that sometimes […]

Make a Difference, and Enjoy It!

Wanted to follow up on my post from a few weeks back about my friend, and former student, Dave Moran. I got a request from him to share an opportunity to enjoy his music, and make a difference in the lives of victims of human trafficking. Here’s his message: Hey there friends, I wanted to […]