Hope International

How Not to Do International Aid

Found this post a week ago or so, but wanted to share it with you. Matador Change highlighted what it calls the seven worst international aid ideas. Here are the intro, the seven ideas, and the conclusion: Maybe their hearts were in the right place. Maybe not. Either way, these are solid contenders for the […]

The Danger of the Single Story

This is a great TED talk about Africa, and all of us. There is a danger in having only one story about any place or person. As the speaker  Chimamanda Adichie, says, the danger in a stereotype is not that it is wrong. Often, there is a seed of truth, but the problem is that the […]

I Knew Him Way Back When

I don’t usually turn to CBN or the 700 Club for my news, but they had a nice piece on microfinance  yesterday that featured my college friend Peter Greer and the microfinance organization he founded, HOPE International. We were in an outreach group together back in those days at Messiah College, but I don’t think […]

Please Help Make this Book a Reality!

My friend, and fellow adoptive father, Peter Greer has co-authored a book on adoption called Mommy’s Heart went POP! It is a story of adoption that looks helpful for families, both parents and kids, processing inter-racial adoption. Joy and I have joined the cause by pledging our support for the book project, and I’d like […]

Keeping Priorities in Line

Some good reminders from my friend Peter Greer’s blog. Greer is the founder, president, and CEO of Hope International, a microfinance organization that operates worldwide with the goal to honor Christ with their work. Greer and I were in an outreach group together back in our Messiah College days, and he is an amazingly talented […]

Sasha Dichter: the Generosity Experiment

A stunningly challenging video from the TED blog on vimeo. What would it look like if we were intentional about being as generous as we claim we want to be? Sasha Dichter shares his experience with this in the video below. I think it is an amazing challenge for all of us who claim to […]