Herman Cain vs. John Wesley

An interesting article on Tony Campolo’s Red Letter Christians blog. This piece was written by Morgan Guyton (who I’m not familiar with), but it is an interesting look at the tempting American perspective of personal responsibility. His piece is so good I’ll copy it here in its entirety. You can respond in the comments below […]

Fea on Historians as Activists

In today’s installment of Dr. John Fea (friend and chair of the Department of History here at Messiah College), Fea turns his attention to the role of historians in modern culture. Here is a bit of his take: There are a variety of ways to think about how a historian might be an agent for […]

This Explains So Much

TMQ: Did Clinton Deliver on her Promises without Being Elected?

Interesting take from TMQ this week on the political front. Here is his take: Entire Nation Parties Like It’s 1999: The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that median household income, adjusted for inflation, has declined to the level of the year 1999. After unemployment, this decline in household income is the second-most disturbing aspect of […]

Can We Learn from Those we Dislike?

From John Fea’s interesting Patheos column this week comes another interesting topic. I already blogged about his primary point in the piece, that studying history could help your marriage. The student transformation example that he uses is insightful. He relates the story of a student who was tasked with the challenging job of reading and […]

To Save Your Marriage, Study History?

Thanks to John Fea for an interesting Patheos column this week. His basic premise is that learning to study the past correctly can actually improve relationships, even your marriage. Here’s his lead in: I am working on a new book about the importance of historical thinking to the creation of a civil society, and I […]

Learning from History

From a recent article on The Onion‘s website: WASHINGTON—With the United States facing a daunting array of problems at home and abroad, leading historians courteously reminded the nation Thursday that when making tough choices, it never hurts to stop a moment, take a look at similar situations from the past, and then think about whether […]

Correcting David Barton’s Version of History

I found this post by John Fea over at The Way of Improvement Leads Home to be useful. Since it is so short, I will take the liberty to quote it in its entirety here. The interesting things are in the links Fea provides. Warren Throckmorton, a psychology professor at Grove City College in western […]

Climate Change Consensus?

From FoxNews.com yesterday comes a story about a Nobel Prize winning physicist withdrawing from his professional organization over the politics of climate change. Dr.Ivar Giaever resigned due to the American Physical Society‘s official statement of policy on the subject. Giaever was cooled to the statement on warming theory by a line claiming that “the evidence […]

Civil Disobedience

Amazing story of sacrifice and civil disobedience. A story about this woman’s father, who for much of his life has been a forger of official documents. It started as a member of the French Resistance as a young man under Nazi occupation, but continued through the years. The talk is in french, with English subtitles, […]