Environmental Issues

Hurricane Data

Found this article from the Technology Review blog very interesting for those in computer science, applied mathematics, and statistics. (HT: Gene Rohrbaugh, CS prof. here at Messiah College) The predictions of the track of Hurricane Irene were remarkably good. Days ahead of time, forecasters had the track nailed down closely. They knew where it would […]

Are Musicians Anti-environment?

Saw this weird story about Gibson Guitars thanks to Messiah College film studies professor Reid Perkins-Buzo. I actually heard that something was going on from a friend who works at one of their factories. Here is a snippet from the Wall Street Journal for background: Federal agents swooped in on Gibson Guitar Wednesday, raiding factories […]

What Does the Data Say?

Intrigued to see this article from George Mason professor Jon Entine about the reporting on “fracking”, the process that is in vogue for harvesting the vast natural gas reserves in shale buried deep under large areas of Pennsylvania and other states. The accusations are basically that the media would rather publish non-peer reviewed work against […]