Family. What comes to mind when you hear this word and contemplate what it means? For me, as I assume is true with most of my readers, there are multiple layers of meaning. Of course, I first think of my wife and our kids. I then think back and remember growing up with my parents […]

Was the Reformation Necessary?

After my post a few weeks ago about my reasoning for not being a Catholic, I found this article interesting. It begins by asking whether the Reformation was necessary, but then move on to asking what we should do with the fact that it happened (for reasons legitimate and not), and how we deal with […]

Are Full Body Scans Immoral?

Thanks to several friends to the link to this article about the reaction to the full body scanners that are now prevalent in Europe, and are coming to the US as well. The question that is raised is about the morality of the practice. The two women first mentioned are Muslim, and object to the […]

Unintended Consequences?

Today brought news that reminded me of one of the reasons I have problems with the position of just war. I heard many Christians support the war in Iraq as a just war. I never quite understood the logic, and found the war troubling on several levels. Messiah alum Eric Gephart even wrote a college […]

All Saints Day?

One of my colleagues, and facebook friend, John Reid Perkins-Buzo posted this article as a link on his facebook page. I found this article to be quite interesting for a couple of reasons. First, despite the fact that I have grown up my whole life in protestant churches, and have intentionally maintained this in my […]