Penn Jillette on Compassion

Anyone know where I can find a credible source for this quote? Is it really a Penn Jillette quote? Somehow, I don’t find Facebook a reputable source. However, since Jillette is known to be an atheist and libertarian, I find this in keeping with his philosophy. (Though most atheists I know personally are liberal socially […]

Steve Jobs: Prophet?

An interesting perspective on Steve Jobs from Andy Crouch via a piece in the Wall Street Journal. (HT: John Fea) Here is his introduction, followed by some interesting pieces. For every magical thing Steve Jobs revealed in his Apple keynote addresses, there were many other things he concealed. Like the devices he created, his life […]

Some Perspectives on the Arizona Shootings

In the time since the shooting of Gabby Giffords and 13 others on 8 January, I’ve been trying to keep up with the updates on her condition. The vitriol from both sides has been hard to ignore. It has also been disappointing. I have avoided comment, since there has probably been more than enough said […]