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The Unity of the Body of Christ?

My friend Rob Martin posted this image at his blog (Abnormal Anabaptist). I think that there are reasons why we may disagree within the Body of Christ, but shouldn’t we be able to join together for the sake of advancing the Kingdom? I do think there is a discussion that could be had about whether one congregation can live this out within its own walls. Can a church body gather around some central Kingdom mission and Kingdom purpose that would allow for the diversity of opinion expressed in this confession? I think so, but there must be a clear unifying element that allows space for the other issues to remain, and even to become a source of strength. What could be more attractive than an invitation to a Kingdom where you are accepted as you are, but allowed to consider the views of others and challenged to consider your faith and beliefs within a context that endorses the key core of the Kingdom? I think this is what Messiah College tries to do, and I think that we attempt to be a place like this at the church I attend, Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church.

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