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Coming Soon: The Hobbit (Movie)

I am excited (perhaps too excited) about the upcoming release of the movie The Hobbit by the same director of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The movie is due out 14 December, and I expect my wonderful wife and I will be making the journey to a movie theater as close to that date as possible to see the movie. Woo Hoo!! Here is a site where you can choose your ending to the trailer (the five version will be identical for the first 2:19, but then will vary in their conclusion). Also on that site you can download wallpapers for your desktop and check out a (small at this point) photo gallery.

Here is the first trailer that was released (the song of the dwarves is hauntingly beautiful):

And the latest that released a couple of days ago:

One comment on “Coming Soon: The Hobbit (Movie)

  1. Is it December yet?

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