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Want a Good Career? Consider Math/Stats!

Yet another ranking of top jobs has highlighted careers in Mathematics and Statistics as among the very best career options. I’m not sure exactly what to make of the ranking, since the graphic they used at the top doesn’t seem to correspond to the piece, and there seems to be a ranking on the top left that should be clickable, but nothing happens when you click it. Here are the number 2, 3, and 4 ranked jobs according to the piece:

  • Carissa Ray/msnbc.com

    No. 2 best: Mathematician

    Job Description: Applies mathematical theories and formulas to teach or solve problems in a business, educational or industrial setting.

    Verdict: Kids, you might want to rethink your hatred of math. Mathematicians make the most among the top 10 jobs with an average income of about $95,000, and they enjoy a great work environment and few if any physical demands, according to CareerCast.

    At minimum you’ll need a Ph.D for most jobs (and a love for numbers, of course) to join this small group that includes only about 3,000 nationwide right now. That number is projected to rise by 22 percent in the next seven years.

  • Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    No. 3 best: Actuary

    Job Description: Interprets statistics to determine probabilities of accidents, sickness, death and loss of property from theft and natural disasters.

    Verdict: This job makes the list in part because of the “pleasant” work environment it provides. The salary is pretty pleasant too — about $87,000.

    Actuary typically have a bachelor’s degree, but many also have to take a host of examinations to get full professional standing. Most employers are in the insurance industry. There are about 20,000 actuary employed in the United States, and the employment outlook is strong. Employment is expected to rise by 21 percent in the next seven years.

  • Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    No. 4 best: Statistician

    Job Description: Tabulates, analyzes and interprets numeric results of experiments and surveys.

    Verdict: Most statisticians need a master’s degree in statistics or mathematics, and about 30 percent of those in the field work for government agencies. The job may require long hours and tight deadlines, but it pays $73,208 a year pm average. The number of jobs in this occupation is projected to climb by 13 percent to 25,500 by 2018.

My only comment is that I would switch No. 4 into No. 1, and then leave No. 2 and No. 3 alone. 🙂

And if you are in high school and want to check out these disciplines with a Christian environment, check out Messiah College, and the Department of Information and Mathematical Sciences!

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