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How Was Your Summer?

I feel like I owe my reader(s) a summer update, since I did accomplish some things this summer. However, there was a lot I had hoped to accomplish that just never got done. Oh well, the semester has started, and it is time to move on. Still, I am thankful my summer was not reflected […]


This is especially for Paul Buckley, Heather Martin, and any of my other pun loving friends. Background, Frazz is the janitor at an elementary school. If you haven’t read it before, click the picture and click back through. I think it is worth the read. 🙂

The Cutting Edge of Science

Thanks to John Chase for pointing out this amazing article from Here is a taste: In a stunning technical feat, an international team of scientists has sequenced the genome of an archaic Siberian girl 31 times over, using a new method that amplifies single strands of DNA. The sequencing is so complete that researchers […]