Even Fox News Blasts Ryan’s “Deceptive” Speech

Paul Ryan delivers his address. (AP Photo)

I did not watch Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan’s speech last night, but I was amazed by the quick, and widespread, condemnation of the speech. While almost all found it spell-binding and captivating, it didn’t take long for many to find errors in Ryan’s speech. Even Fox News published a piece last night saying that the speech could be described as “dazzling, deceiving, and distracting“. The piece suggested that what he said, much of it false, was in some ways a distraction from what he didn’t say. I find this extremely disappointing. It adds to my reluctance to vote in this election since I find neither party willing to tell the truth and work together to work for others. It is a good thing my Hope is not placed in any earthly kingdom.

3 comments on “Even Fox News Blasts Ryan’s “Deceptive” Speech

  1. Although, I’ve read several other articles that have stated that the fact checking, itself, needs fact checking. More of the same, really, with finger pointing instead of listening and working together…I’m assuming you found my repost of that Catholic article, yes?

    • I, at first, assumed that the fact-checking from some might be labeled as partisan bickering. Then I saw that even Fox News was posting critical takes and thought that warranted noting. You will notice that I have been, and largely will be, silent during this political season. Like you, I know that my hope is placed elsewhere, so I will attempt to abstain from anything that might be construed as an endorsement of either party. If someone at the DNC next week is as widely critiqued I may comment, but these types of posts will be rare, unless there is something theological or statistical to comment on.

      As for your post, I did see it. I didn’t get to read it until returning from class just a few minutes ago. I too sense the kinship with the ideas he expresses, though I would go farther (as I suspect you might) about abstaining from the fray, rather than dipping the toe into the waters of politics on occasion. It is too tempting to give in to the urge to become as nasty as those around us and pollute our status as a light for another Kingdom that will not be on par with any earthly kingdom. As Greg Boyd has suggested in one of the videos you’ve pointed me to, there is no balancing the two. One must be the priority, and I don’t want to risk losing the proper perspective on that.

      • Agreed. About the only politics related stuff I’ve been putting up have been attempts to convey that shift towards recognizing our one and only allegiance that matters…too much partisanship in the church and feel I cannot be quiet in the face of it…

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