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Interesting Statistics from 60 Minutes

I can’t embed the videos here at this point, but here are a series of videos from recent 60 Minutes episodes that reference statistics in the news.

First, on a recent case of forged credentials and misrepresented data at Duke University.

  • The main piece can be found here.
  • A bit about the researcher and his overstated credentials.

Secondly, a study of the placebo effect that seems to indicate that anti-depressant medication may be nothing more than a very expensive investment in the placebo effect.

  • The main piece about looking at all of the research over the years and finding a stunning lack of significance.
  • The journalist reflects on the story.

As a statistician, the ability to get a drug approved if two studies show an effect and ten studies show none is ridiculous. This is not good scientifically or statistically.

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