The Worst Super Bowl Commercial of the Year

I’m not sure what my favorite Super Bowl commercial from yesterday was, but I know my least favorite. It’s this one:

On the surface, there isn’t much wrong, I suppose. But, as a friend of mine asked via Twitter and Facebook, can you imagine them running that add with the genders reversed? Think about it.

My question is this: If a man headbutting a woman to get some food would never run because of implications for domestic violence, why is it alright for the add to run in this version? Yes, domestic violence is more commonly committed by the male in a relationship, but there are women who are spousal abusers as well. I have a good friend who was physically abused by his wife for years before eventually getting divorced from her. He would spend nights at work, sleeping in his office rather than go home and make his kids watch their mother attack him. Maybe this knowledge makes me look at the commercial differently, but that’s not the only problem with it.

Imagine my sweet, relatively innocent, 4, 6, and 7 year olds watching this commercials and hearing several adults in the room laugh as the wife/girlfriend attacks the man in her life, and then threatens him when he tries to get back up. Is this really¬†humorous? Have we sunk so low as a society that beating each other up over food is funny? Maybe my non-violent beliefs play a role here, but I’m not amused by this!

So, Oikos, you win. You had a surprisingly violent video that tacitly seems to suggest that women abusing their boyfriend/husband is funny and we should laugh about. Yep, worst commercial of the year.

You can follow this link to send your feedback to Dannon Oikos if you would like. (The advertisement was sponsored by the Dannon Oikos brand, so send correspondence to them, not Stonyfield Oikos.)

2 comments on “The Worst Super Bowl Commercial of the Year

  1. It looks like Stonyfield and Dannon are the same company. Who was the marketing genious who decided to permanently brand Dannon with Domestic Violence? For what it’s worth, female violence against men is actually much more common, however as demonstrated by this add it is seldom considered more than poor behavior and is almost never prosecuted. My ex-wife beat me bloody with her car keys in front of my children and was sentenced to 3 days in a hotel which I had to pay for. Most of the men whom I have told about this have their own stories about being hit by their wives

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