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Princess Bride Fans: Check this Out!

Wonder where some of the less famous cast members are? Check out this pic (click the pic for full size image for easier viewing) of some of the stars now, and see if you can identify who is who! Then, check out the accompanying article and interview video on Entertainment Weekly here.

How to Save Some Energy

If only this blog was about napping, or some other personal energy saving technique. Alas, it is not. This is about a way to save some energy on your computer. A Virginia Tech computer scientist is now marketing a power management software called Granola that is free for personal use, and available for a fee […]

Prayer for Scott

Nice video put together by a friend of mine for a close friend of hers who is going through something unimaginable. I’ve met Scott, and he is a young man who was walking with God and learning more about faith. Now he is battling for his life, and walking with God through the process. He […]