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Will the Next Generation Know how Magazines “Work”?

According to this video, there is a chance they won’t.

On the High Price of Journals

I’ve commented before on the (shameful) prices of scholarly journals, especially when the research itself is taxpayer funded. If we all paid for the research, it is a shame that we can’t read the results without having more to pay. Barbara Fister comments on this at Inside Higher Ed: What is it we are getting […]

Fea on Historians as Activists

In today’s installment of Dr. John Fea (friend and chair of the Department of History here at Messiah College), Fea turns his attention to the role of historians in modern culture. Here is a bit of his take: There are a variety of ways to think about how a historian might be an agent for […]

TMQ on Football and Mortality

In this week’s TMQ, Gregg Easterbrook revisits the debates about the effects (positive and negative) of playing football. Are the mortality rates for football high enough to warrant reconsidering whether football is dangerous? It depends on whether we care only about mortality (if so, it is not that dangerous), or care more generally about smaller […]