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TMQ on “Secret” Meetings

In this week’s TMQ, Gregg Easterbrook wonders about the abuse of the English language: TMQ Wrote This Item in Secret: Commentators across the political spectrum are complaining that the debt-reduction supercommittee on Capitol Hill is meeting “in secret.” Televised public hearings would turn the supercommittee into yet another political sideshow. That is what many interest groups […]

Josh Wood on the TSA

My friend, and blog fodder provider, Josh Wood has started a website for his purported presidential campaign. He has two recent posts about the TSA, and his high priority on disbanding the TSA and privatizing security. Here are his takes: Abolish the TSA I reiterate my pledge that mty very first action as president will […]

Lord of the Rings: October Style

After last week’s Star Wars: October Style post, comes this: