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Ads Worth Spreading?

Can ads actually be worth spreading? TED thinks that some might be. Here is the video promoting this year’s crop. Click to view on YouTube for more discussion of these ads.

Hurry Up and Wait

Over at his “Stuff Christians Like” blog, Jon Acuff ruminates on waiting on God. Here are his thoughts: I don’t know what questions you ask your wife or your husband or your boyfriend or your girlfriend. I don’t know what questions you ask professors or friends or bosses or anyone else. But I do know […]

Engaging the Other: Frances Fox Piven at Messiah College

Recently, Messiah College invited Frances Fox Piven to talk about her views on democracy. Piven is a liberal thinker, to say the least. She has in the past endorsed civil disobedience, and even violence, as means to achieving political goals. She spoke at Messiah about her opposition to the Electoral College. There was an overflow […]

Seeing Things from the Other Person’s Viewpoint

Another Facebook meme I’ve seen on numerous pages: Just a humorous reminder that those we “fight” against each day are often living lives just trying to have a good day, not intending to make our lives miserable. Their world-view may lead us to be on the opposite side of some issues, but they are people […]