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The Future Is Here: Levitation

This video is just cool. In addition, I have a feeling that technology like this could someday (soon?) revolutionize our world. There are obvious implications for travel and energy if this can be done in large scale without the need for liquid nitrogen (right now it takes very low temperature superconductors to accomplish the levitation. […]

For Those Against Occupy Wall Street

Here is a perspective from someone clearly opposed to the Occupy Wall Street movement (making the rounds on Facebook these days): Personally, I think that this minimizes what might be a difference of opinion on philosophy and economics, at least among some of the protestors. I’m sure many of them have just latched on to […]

Are Gender-Inclusive Bibles Bad for Women?

Mary Kassian certainly thinks so. (HT: Mark Hopkins) In a piece titled 10 Reasons Why the New NIV Is Bad for Women on her site “Girls Gone Wise”, Kassian explains why. Here is her introduction: The new gender-inclusive NIV was published earlier this year. It contains thousands of changes to the Bible’s male-gendered language. Having […]

TMQ Follow-up: Boys, Football, and College

TMQ last week offered some thoughts about boys and college success, and how football may be contributing to the decline. Read my thoughts here. One of the things I love about Easterbrook is his willingness to offer up reader feedback in support or opposition. Here is the feedback he received: Boys, Football and College: Last week […]