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This Explains So Much

College Students and Technology

An interesting article from researchers at the University of Washington. A nice summary of the article is found here. The full article can be found here. Here are the basics: A new University of Washington study found college students – only weeks away from final exams and in the library – tend to pare use […]

Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

James Sinclair offers up a view that says that in some ways they are. He makes the following Venn Diagram to summarize his position. You can read his entire justification here. An interesting note is that Sinclair refers to himself as “a liberal-leaning libertarian”. His blurb about himself on the right of his blog (Titled: […]

TMQ: Did Clinton Deliver on her Promises without Being Elected?

Interesting take from TMQ this week on the political front. Here is his take: Entire Nation Parties Like It’s 1999: The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that median household income, adjusted for inflation, has declined to the level of the year 1999. After unemployment, this decline in household income is the second-most disturbing aspect of […]