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Math Humor for the Day

Well, since I’m again caught up on my piles of grading, I’m back in the swing of blogging again. Since my grading is all mathematics and statistics (entirely statistics last week) I thought a math funny a former student shared via Facebook would be appropriate! Enjoy.

Government or Church: Whose Job Is It?

An interesting piece on who should be caring for the orphans and widows. Amidst the debate over what the government can and/or should be doing (or not doing) about the widows and orphans, we tend to forget all of the things we should each be doing personally and collectively as the body of Christ.

Less Stuff, More Happiness

After another good message yesterday at McBIC about the freedom of living with less debt, I was reminded of this TED video about being intentional about living with less “stuff”. We easily get caught up in the culture of accumulation. As Christians, we should be leading the fight against this, and leading by example. Graham […]

Makes Me Feel Old

You have to be a certain age for this image to make any sense: Yep, now I feel old.