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Finding the Divine in the Mundane

Over at Don Miller’s blog, Penny Carothers contemplates the battle for many parents, especially stay-at-home moms, to find time for God in the ways we usually think about: devotions, prayer, quiet contemplation, etc. Here is a taste: I’ve always elevated the lives of others above my own spiritual aspirations (especially people like Thomas Merton and […]

Politics and Faith: Does the Bible Endorse One Side?

An insightful piece on the Black, White, and Gray blog on Patheos. Bradley Wright explains why he is a “political agnostic”. Here is a taste: With presidential elections coming up, we’ll hear a lot more about every aspect of politics, including its link to religion—especially Christianity.  I would like to step back and ask a […]

How They Got Their Start?

Now, which one is Jamie and which is Adam?

Star Wars: October Style, Part 2

This is the only reason to have a small “lap dog”, at least for someone like me who prefers bigger dogs like Siberian Huskies.

Please Help Make this Book a Reality!

My friend, and fellow adoptive father, Peter Greer has co-authored a book on adoption called Mommy’s Heart went POP! It is a story of adoption that looks helpful for families, both parents and kids, processing inter-racial adoption. Joy and I have joined the cause by pledging our support for the book project, and I’d like […]

Who Is My Enemy?

Interesting thoughts for Christians. We know Jesus’ answer to the question about who is my neighbor (anyone who is in need that we have the means to help), and we know the answer to what we are expected to do to our enemies: 43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR […]

Stat/Probability Quiz of the Day

Good luck with this one!

Demography: Predicting the Downfall of China?

A very interesting look at where all of the earth’s billions of people are now, and where the population is heading. Projections place the occurrence of the world population of humans passing 7 billion at some point between 31 Oct 2011 (UN estimate) and March 2012 (US Census Bureau estimate). The most interesting piece of […]

This Is a Stunning Display of Talent

I didn’t know this could be done with a harmonica, in Carnegie Hall, no less!

Imaginary Friends

It isn’t only kids that can have imaginary friends, numbers can have them too.