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Almost Time!

The NFL Films special on Reggie White and Jerome Brown is on tonight at 10:00 on the NFL Network. NFL Films has the latest sneak peek available on their website. I’m pretty excited at the chance for a trip down memory lane, even if it is mixed with the sadness of the early death of […]

The Importance of Punctuation

My students here at Messiah College sometimes argue that as a math and stat professor I shouldn’t be so picky about punctuation. This image shows why they are wrong! (HT: my wife shared this via facebook)

Learning from History

From a recent article on The Onion‘s website: WASHINGTON—With the United States facing a daunting array of problems at home and abroad, leading historians courteously reminded the nation Thursday that when making tough choices, it never hurts to stop a moment, take a look at similar situations from the past, and then think about whether […]

A Wild Night of Baseball

From, a timeline of the events in MLB last night. Baseball At Its Best Four games ended within 89 minutes of each other, sending the St. Louis Cardinals and Tampa Bay Rays to the playoffs and Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves home. Time, p.m. ET    Site       Event 7:10 ATL First pitch 7:10 BAL […]

Statistics and Empathy

A former student of mine here at Messiah College was tagged in this image by a friend of his. This led to an interesting comments area discussion of the portion of the text that is clear enough to read. Here it is in print, in case you can’t make it out: The researchers theorized that […]

Is Africa Capable of Sustaining Democracy?

This was a question that Swiss-Ghanian filmmaker Jarreth Merz asked himself as he saw the threat of chaos growing while filming the Ghanian elections. He was surprised, not only by the way chaos was avoided, but what the Ghanians taught him about themselves, the possibilities that democracy could be done better in Africa under the right […]