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A Must Watch Show: Part 2

Early 90s pic of Eagles L-R: Clyde Simmons, Eric Allen, Jerome Brown, Seth Joyner, and Reggie White

Update: NFL Films is producing a film about Reggie White and Jerome Brown. It is called “Reggie White and Jerome Brown: A Football Life“. NFL Films is offering another tease for the show here with a clip from the Eagles’ 1991 season recap. All the defensive stalwarts are there. The surprise for me was the reminder of how absolutely awful the offense was. An over the hill quarterback replaced in the game featured by a journeyman backup (a man who one day ran for president). The receivers were well below par. And the coach. I’ve never heard anyone root for the long-ago days of Rich Kotite, and there is a reason for that. On defense, they were a force. All five guys in the picture at the right made the pro-bowl that season. Three of the starting four from the defensive line. What a team. After the defensive performance of my Eagles yesterday, I miss these guys! Can’t wait until Thursday to relive my childhood, if even just for one night.

The original promo video can be found here. The film will air on the NFL Network at 10:00 pm on Thursday, 29 Sept. This is can’t miss viewing for me!

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