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A Must Watch Show: Part 2

Update: NFL Films is producing a film about Reggie White and Jerome Brown. It is called “Reggie White and Jerome Brown: A Football Life“. NFL Films is offering another tease for the show here with a clip from the Eagles’ 1991 season recap. All the defensive stalwarts are there. The surprise for me was the […]

A Challenge from Fernando Ortega

Fernando Ortega offers a challenge to worship leaders: write and choose music that says something. He bases his critique on the fact that some pastors tend to instruct worship leaders as if the point of worship is to set the pace, rather than to relate to the theme of the message and scriptures for the […]

The (Lost?) Power of Touch

An interesting piece that reminds us that we are quickly becoming so advanced in medical technology that we can forget the simple power of a touch from doctor to patient. This is worth watching for those in the medical professions, but also for those of us who use their services (everyone!).