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A Must Watch Show

Early 90s pic of Eagles L-R: Clyde Simmons, Eric Allen, Jerome Brown, Seth Joyner, and Reggie White

NFL Films is producing a film about Reggie White and Jerome Brown. It is called “Reggie White and Jerome Brown: A Football Life“. For those who are not Philadelphia Eagles fans, these were the defensive line stalwarts of the Eagles in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I grew up watching the Eagles every Sunday and being amazed at the talent of the defense. The offense had the exciting Randall Cunningham, but the team never seemed to be able to get over the hump and get into the Super Bowl, let alone win it. Both Brown and White died too young. Brown died in a crash in his sports car, probably driving too fast. He was known to ride motorcycles and drive cars at unsafe speed and lived a wild life. Brown was an ordained minister and a man of deep faith. He was a consummate professional off the field, and a man whose private life modeled the deep faith he claimed in public. I’m pretty sure that the offensive linemen who had to keep him away from the backfield didn’t find that fact too reassuring. He was as dominant as any defensive player I’ve ever seen.

The promo video can be found here. The film will air on the NFL Network at 10:00 pm on Thursday, 29 Sept. This is can’t miss viewing for me!

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