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Faster than the Speed of Light?

A new study at CERN in Europe seems to have the potential to turn Physics on its head. (HT: Messiah College Physicist Abaz Kryemadhi) The problem? Neutrinos sent from CERN in Switzerland to a lab in Italy arrived faster than expected. In fact, they arrived in a time faster than the speed of light would […]

Amazon Exposed?

Just read an interesting (though long) piece from the Allentown, PA Morning Call. (HT: John Fea) The piece investigates the working conditions at the Amazon distribution center near Allentown. Working conditions are apparently harsh, particularly over the summer. If all of the claims made by former employees and temps are true, Amazon management must have […]

The TSA Undermines Faith Again

Two stories I’ve read about the TSA lately, thanks to Josh Wood. First, the fact that this guy made it on a plane with a knife is disturbing (from the Salt Lake Tribune): A 60-year-old Salt Lake City man is accused of threatening to slit the throat of a seatmate aboard a flight from Utah […]

How to Get a College Education

John Fea is up to his old habits: providing thought provoking posts that state things I’ve been thinking about in clearer, more concise language than I could. I’ve long been frustrated with students who seem to want to skate through Messiah College with the minimum their money can buy. They don’t want me to challenge […]