The Next Step for Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg Discusses Facebook's Timeline

Amid all of the whining and complaining about the latest “new Facebook”, I found this article from Mashable to be an interesting look into the near future from Facebook. (HT: Lara Conrad via Facebook) Check out the info, and the video (which I’ll embed below, rather than above).

Facebook has unveiled Timeline, a major re-imagining of user profiles that allows users to build what’s essentially a visual scrapbook of everything they’ve done on the site.

CEO Mark Zuckeberg showed off the new features in his keynote at the company’s f8 conference. It algorithmically organizes everything you’ve done on Facebook — from post photos to change relationship status to check in — and also allows users to fill out a “Way Back” section to add details that are omitted or pre-date the social network.

Facebook expects to roll out Timeline in a few weeks, but you can see what it looks like in the video [below]. We’re also tracking Facebook’s announcements on our live blog …


Note for John Fea: Note that the individual featured in the video studied history at SUNY Buffalo, and works for Facebook. (jump to 1:20 into the video) Maybe he’d make a good “So what CAN You Do With a History Major?” candidate!

2 comments on “The Next Step for Facebook?

  1. Actually, I think the guy is a fictional character.

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