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The Next Step for Facebook?

Amid all of the whining and complaining about the latest “new Facebook”, I found this article from Mashable to be an interesting look into the near future from Facebook. (HT: Lara Conrad via Facebook) Check out the info, and the video (which I’ll embed below, rather than above). Facebook has unveiled Timeline, a major re-imagining […]

Gamers Solve a Science Problem

From the Univeristy of Washington: video gamers have helped scientist solve a problem that had stymied the scientists. (HT: Messiah College computer scientist David Owen via Twitter) Here is the intro to the article: Gamers have solved the structure of a retrovirus enzyme whose configuration had stumped scientists for more than a decade. The gamers […]

True Pluralism

Pluralism has gotten a bad rap, and much of it earned based on a misuse of the term. Sociologist Christian Smith suggests (HT: John Fea) that Pluralism is actually the answer that we need to balance traditional sectarianism (where we simply scream at each other and demonize those we disagree with) and what he calls […]